Monday, April 7, 2014

Grey+White Dresser {Before & After}

This dresser turned out to be one of favorite pieces so far....
It was in excellent condition and is solid wood, so no prep work was involved. Prep work is my least favorite part of painting, so maybe that's why this is one of my favorites! :)
It's also the first two tone piece I've ever done, and it was so fun to do something different.

Body painted with ASCP in Paris Grey
Drawers painted with ASCP in Pure White
Finished with clear wax
Hardware painted with Paris Grey, dry brushed with Pure White, distressed and sealed with clear wax.
Dimensions: 32" wide x 18" deep x 39.5" tall
Price: SOLD


  1. This is gorgeous! I love it even more on here!!

  2. Wow!!! You really transformed this piece! Amazing!

  3. Gorgeous!!! I now want a two tone piece in my house!


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