Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pink Ombre Dresser {Before & After}

I had this post written out then hit the wrong button and deleted everything. Boo.
This dresser has a story, but it's on the deleted post. Sorry :)
 These pictures totally get on my nerves. Everything looks weird to me - even the carpet looks yellow (it's not). I have no idea what happened but I didn't have time to take more, sorry!

The following picture probably shows the true colors a little better:

In person it's gorgeous. Hubby and I actually discussed keeping it but we really don't have room for it. We decided that one day when we do have more room we'll re-create it :)
The colors look totally different in this pic but you can see more dramatically how they gradually change:
I changed my mind, as soon as this picture (above) popped up, I realized it's the truest to the color it actually is. This was an in-progress shot so the finish does look differently from this, but this is more like it color wise.
A little background story on the pulls: You can see in the before pic that it had two knobs when it should have had one pull. I don't like the look of two knobs like that (especially on this piece) and the holes are a really odd length apart (around 4.25") so I couldn't find any pulls that size. I normally have a picture in my mind of what I want the finished product to look like and this dresser was no exception - I pictured glass knobs on it, but they were going to be placed correctly on the drawers, not in the middle. Well, all my spackle was frozen (seriously?!) so I couldn't fill the old holes in. Therefore I had to work with what I had, and what I had was ribbon. I originally wanted some vintage looking fabric with roses but I didn't have any on hand and neither did my Mom, and when I found this ribbon I really liked the way it looked. It's getting mixed reviews but I decided I like it so it's staying :)
Paint Colors:
Body of Dresser: Swiss Coffee
1st Drawer: Musical Mist
2nd Drawer: Hawaiian Shell
3rd Drawer: Arizona Sunrise
4th Drawer: Arizona Sunrise darkened 25%
All colors were color matched to Valspar in a satin finish (I don't normally use a satin finish on furniture but I got sample pots and they are only available in satin)
I then mixed the paint with plaster of paris + water to make my own chalk paint
Dimensions: 18" deep x 31" wide x 40.5" tall
Price: Sold


  1. This is adorable and elegant looking at the same time. I love the colors!

  2. I seriously love this dresser! So pretty and girly!

  3. I am so in love with this dresser. I want one. But with glass knobs! For real! Please be on the lookout for me... I will put it in Tenley's room!


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